Reimagined Classical

Well-loved themes from symphonies, sonatas, concertos and operas often have irregular phrase lengths or complex structures which make them difficult to use in ballet class. Volumes 1 and 2 of this series take popular tunes by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and other great composers and remodel them with regular phrasing and appropriate accompaniment for ballet class.

The 20th Century album is new for 2022 and is full of Gershwin, Bartok, Prokofiev, Bernstein and more – all reimagined in even phrases. It contains several piano duets, in case you were wondering how I played all those notes at the same time 😉

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  • Piano: Andrew Holdsworth
  • Soprano: Bryony Lang
  • Cello: Tony Woollard
  • Violin: Charlie Brown
  • Cover dancer: Anna Rose O’Sullivan
  • Cover design: Sean Ebsworth Barnes

In use in class with Georgia Ware and Barry Drummond

In use in class with Georgia Ware