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Favourite Disney and West End melodies as you’ve never heard them before. The barre work in this series is set to calm, precise, familiar piano music and the centre work is accompanied by a full orchestra to energise and uplift dancers and audiences.

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  • Piano, arrangements, programming and production: Andrew Holdsworth
  • Additional musicians – Violin: Charlie Brown, Cello: Tony Woollard, Flute: Laoise Corrigan, Saxophone: Michael Buckley
  • Cover dancers – Volume 1: Arianna Holdsworth, Volume 2: Scott Milne and Morven Aitkenhead (Dancentre Aberdeen), Volume 3: Rosie Mackley (Dancentre Aberdeen)
  • Photographers – Volume 1: Andrew Holdsworth, Volume 2: Graham Read, Volume 3: Andy Ross
  • Cover design: Sean Ebsworth Barnes

In use in class with Ella Bass

In use in class with Georgia Ware